Sunday, 27 May 2007

26 May 2007, Saturday - First Dental Visit

To ensure that your teeth is healthy it is time to go to the dentist. Had been trying to get a good and gentle dentist ... Mummy had many bad experiences with dentists and dental nurses (from school), so had to ensure that you do not develop the same phobia.

Well, the dentist was really nice and soft spoken. Mummy told him that it was your first visit to the dentist and hence everything that he did he explained it thoroughly so that you would not be scared.

Then he counted your lower teeth...10 in all. Next, he counted the upper teeth...11 in all! Now, that is weird. Should the top and the bottom set be of the same number? I do not remember you losing any tooth. And I thought your full set of milk teeth was out already?

He then took two pictures of your teeth - the lower and the upper set. There ... sitting nicely behind your front tooth was a small tooth. Not only that it is growing perpendicular to your front tooth!

Yes, I (Mummy) was shocked. The dentist explained that since the tooth is rather small there is no way he can determine whether it is a milk tooth or the permanent one. Since that tooth is not troubling you then we just let it grow and then we will determine the actions then.