Thursday, 30 August 2007

30 August 2007, Thursday - Teachers' Day Celebration

When you returned from school, I asked whether you had given the gifts to your teachers.
You proudly answered that you have.
I asked whether your teachers like what you had given.
You proudly answered that they do.
I asked what were your teachers' comments.
You proudly answered that they said they were very nice.
You continued to explain that your English teacher, Mrs Ng asked how did you know that she loves chocolates.
You answered,"Because my mother is very clever!"

That was such an interesting answer.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Teachers' Day gifts

Teachers' Day is just round the corner and all the excitement of getting gifts and cards for the teachers are in the air.

Previous years, we had been making gifts to all the teachers in her childcare centre. We believe that handmade gifts are more personal than those store bought. It also allow us to spend time together to get the gifts done.

This year, we decided that we would give them cookie jars filled with M&M fun packs and Mini Mars.


Cookie Jars (bought from Ikea)

Assortment of buttons (bought from Spotlight)

Twine (Bought from Popular)

White Glue or craft glue (we have lots of that in the storeroom!)


  1. Clean and dry the cookie jars.

  2. Cover work area generously with newspaper, unless you have the intention of changing a new table.

  3. Smear white glue generously around the cookie jar.

  4. Work the twine around the jar, bottom up. Work till the desired height.

  5. Turn the cookie jar over to dry. If you do not do so, the bottom will be stuck to the work area.

  6. Once the glue is almost dried under the twine, the buttons are next.

  7. Put generous amount of glue on each button and paste it on the the overturned cookie jars.

  8. Allow the glue to totally dry up before filling in the cookie jars with your own choice of tit bits.

You be the judge. Are they nice enough to keep on your desks while you work?

And here is Ashlyn working on them. She had to keep running to the washroom to get the glue out of her fingers.


Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Over generalising of grammar rules - 13 August 2007

You are in the stage of over generalising the rules of English grammar.

Here is one that you spurt out...

"I brang my waterbottle."

"brang" = past tense of "bring"

Where did this come from?

Must have been from the word "ring".

-> ring, rang rung

So ...

-> bring, brang, brong

There were others too but at the momenet I can't remember them.

Friday, 3 August 2007


There is a new show on Disney Playhouse ... My Friends Tigger and Pooh. It is something that Daddy and Mummy will try to let you watch. You like it too.

Then one day, in the mailbox there sat a mailer which bears the mask that Tigger and Pooh wear on the show. Hence, you are now officially one of them.