Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Holiday Activity One - Sun Catcher Painting

Other then your regular piano practices, academic work there are fun stuff too.
You kept yourself busy with painting this beautiful sun catcher.

Friday, 23 November 2007

You did well!

You were given these two papers to do just to gauge where your standard is.

The result you produced really makes us proud of you.



Friday, 9 November 2007

School Excursion on 7 November 2007

Diary entry written by Ashlyn

Yesterday, I went to Sengkang Primary School with my friends. I saw all the classrooms, library and some of the children who were from SKMCC.

I went to the canteen to buy food with my friends. I ate macaroni, noodles and strawberry biscuits.

After that, I went to Changi Airport Terminal Three. We walked in our groups. I saw the model of Changi Airport. I saw a lot of plants too.

I saw an aeroplane flying above the bridge. Changi Airport gave us each a sticker.

Typed by Mummy

Thursday, 8 November 2007

My Visit To The Istana - 8 November 2007

Today, we visited the Istana.
Here are the pictures taken by Ash.

Ash's diary entry for this wonderful day will be posted later.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

30 August 2007, Thursday - Teachers' Day Celebration

When you returned from school, I asked whether you had given the gifts to your teachers.
You proudly answered that you have.
I asked whether your teachers like what you had given.
You proudly answered that they do.
I asked what were your teachers' comments.
You proudly answered that they said they were very nice.
You continued to explain that your English teacher, Mrs Ng asked how did you know that she loves chocolates.
You answered,"Because my mother is very clever!"

That was such an interesting answer.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Teachers' Day gifts

Teachers' Day is just round the corner and all the excitement of getting gifts and cards for the teachers are in the air.

Previous years, we had been making gifts to all the teachers in her childcare centre. We believe that handmade gifts are more personal than those store bought. It also allow us to spend time together to get the gifts done.

This year, we decided that we would give them cookie jars filled with M&M fun packs and Mini Mars.


Cookie Jars (bought from Ikea)

Assortment of buttons (bought from Spotlight)

Twine (Bought from Popular)

White Glue or craft glue (we have lots of that in the storeroom!)


  1. Clean and dry the cookie jars.

  2. Cover work area generously with newspaper, unless you have the intention of changing a new table.

  3. Smear white glue generously around the cookie jar.

  4. Work the twine around the jar, bottom up. Work till the desired height.

  5. Turn the cookie jar over to dry. If you do not do so, the bottom will be stuck to the work area.

  6. Once the glue is almost dried under the twine, the buttons are next.

  7. Put generous amount of glue on each button and paste it on the the overturned cookie jars.

  8. Allow the glue to totally dry up before filling in the cookie jars with your own choice of tit bits.

You be the judge. Are they nice enough to keep on your desks while you work?

And here is Ashlyn working on them. She had to keep running to the washroom to get the glue out of her fingers.


Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Over generalising of grammar rules - 13 August 2007

You are in the stage of over generalising the rules of English grammar.

Here is one that you spurt out...

"I brang my waterbottle."

"brang" = past tense of "bring"

Where did this come from?

Must have been from the word "ring".

-> ring, rang rung

So ...

-> bring, brang, brong

There were others too but at the momenet I can't remember them.

Friday, 3 August 2007


There is a new show on Disney Playhouse ... My Friends Tigger and Pooh. It is something that Daddy and Mummy will try to let you watch. You like it too.

Then one day, in the mailbox there sat a mailer which bears the mask that Tigger and Pooh wear on the show. Hence, you are now officially one of them.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Botanical Gardens - 22 July 2007

We decided to visit the Botanical Gardens.

So you geared yourself up with your digital camera that had been in storage for quite some time.

Here are the pictures.

Monday, 16 July 2007

15 July 2007, Sunday

Went to the zoo after church. It had been a few months since we last stepped into the zoo.

You decided that you wanted to go see the cow at the children's zoo. So off we went to the children's zoo. You enjoyed talking about the miniature horses, the goats, pigs, potbelly pigs and the cows.

Then we moved on the children playground. Off you went to enjoy the slides and all. There were the swings too. You had a go at it and I realised that you are kind of deprived of such fun. You do not know how to swing. Haiz... never mind, there was Daddy to give you a push and also to teach you the know-hows of swinging.

Next stop was the Fragile Forest. Once entered, we were admiring the butterflies when two ringed-tailed lemurs ran up to the butterflies stand and licked up all the sweet syrup there. Ha...it was kind of fun to see the two lemurs so close up. You, of course, were a little scared of them but yet we managed to snap a few pictures.

Out of the Fragile Forest, we came up to the Archer Fish enclosure. In it there was the horse shoe crab. So I said, "Ashlyn, there is a horse shoe crab in the enclosure too."
"Where are the shoes?" you asked.

Huh??? With that response, two young couples beside us were tickled. We had a good laugh at your innocence.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

11 July 2007, Wednesday - Sick

At about 10 pm yesterday, Ash suddenly had fever. It rose to over 39 degree celsius. So Daddy and I had to take turns to feed Ash the fever medicine.

It hurts to hear Ash cry in the middle of the night for us. Luckily, Mah Mah was around to help.

Today, it was Primary 1 registration day for Ash. So Daddy and I had to leave the house earlier than usual. Leaving Ash behind with Mah Mah to take care along with Aver. Giving reminders not to go near to Aver in case she caught the virus too.

By 4pm, Ash called Daddy and announced that her fever had went back up and it was at 40 to 41 degree celsius. That got us worried. Upon reaching home, Ash was rushed to have a shower to cool her body. Then it was continuous sponging. The fever did went down.

By 8.30pm the fever starts to rise again. So Daddy decided to bring Ash to the paediatrician.
Diagnosis given was that it could be a viral fever since there was no other symptoms. So we had to monitor for another 48 hours. For the time being, we had to bring the fever down.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

10 July 2007, Tuesday

Yesterday, I went to the dentist because my front tooth was shaking. My gum was infected. The dentist asked me if I wanted to take the front tooth out. I said,"Yes." It was painful when the dentist wanted to shake the front tooth. I cried but the dentist said I was brave. I kept the tooth under my pillow and a fairy gave me a real one dollar coin.

(Handwritten by Ash, typed by Mummy)

Sunday, 24 June 2007

24 June 2007, Sunday

Today marks the last day of the June Holidays. So to mark the end of all the fun activites, your uncle and his girlfriend took both you and your cousin out to watch a movie, "Surf's Up" at Vivocity.

You definitely enjoyed yourself very much. There was the popcorns that you were allowed to induldge in. After the movie, all of you went to the playground. Accoring to your uncle, you and your cousin played real hard there and really sweat it out.

We met up for dinner at the airport. When I saw you, you had a package in your hand. It is a present from your uncle. Definitely did enjoy yourself and got a little present too.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

20 June 2007, Wednesday

You had finished three lessons of in-line skating with your cousin, Chyenne at Pasir Ris Elias Community Centre last week. You definitely enjoyed yourself very much. According to your aunt, you were praised by the instructor. Well, you are good because you had a few lessons with your Daddy a month ago.

Then this week, they decided to have four free lessons at East Coast Park. So the day before you went and enjoyed yourself at the training area. Of course you fell a few times but I am very proud of you as you did not whine but picked yourself up very quickly. You seemed very determined to be an expert skater.

Watching you skate only makes my feet itch. Yes, how I hope I can get into my skates and join you too. However, Aver will definitely scream her lungs out while I skate. So I guess I have to make do with watching you skating away.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

June holiday activities

Its the June holidays and there are many activities to be involved in.

You had gone for your cartoon sketching class at the nearby community club and had enjoyed it tremendously. On top of that, you seemed to have made a few friends there too.

This week you have been signed up for in-line skating with your cousin. So off you go to Pasir Ris without Mummy and Aver. From what I heard, you had enjoyed yourself there too.

I am glad that you enjoyed all the activities. There are some other home base activities that are still not embarked on.

1) Painting
2) Clay Play
3) Cross-stitching

And there is the zoo trip that I am suppose to plan.

One more last week of the holidays to go...hopefully we can embark of some of these activities.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

26 May 2007, Saturday - First Dental Visit

To ensure that your teeth is healthy it is time to go to the dentist. Had been trying to get a good and gentle dentist ... Mummy had many bad experiences with dentists and dental nurses (from school), so had to ensure that you do not develop the same phobia.

Well, the dentist was really nice and soft spoken. Mummy told him that it was your first visit to the dentist and hence everything that he did he explained it thoroughly so that you would not be scared.

Then he counted your lower teeth...10 in all. Next, he counted the upper teeth...11 in all! Now, that is weird. Should the top and the bottom set be of the same number? I do not remember you losing any tooth. And I thought your full set of milk teeth was out already?

He then took two pictures of your teeth - the lower and the upper set. There ... sitting nicely behind your front tooth was a small tooth. Not only that it is growing perpendicular to your front tooth!

Yes, I (Mummy) was shocked. The dentist explained that since the tooth is rather small there is no way he can determine whether it is a milk tooth or the permanent one. Since that tooth is not troubling you then we just let it grow and then we will determine the actions then.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Ashlyn Turns One - 14 December 2002

Time has passed real fast and I have managed to crawl through my first year of life, Now is the time to celebrate it and that's what I had done.

Daddy and Mummy had went to great lengths to find the perfect birthday cake. It has to be of Winnie the Pooh because through out the first year of my life everything that surrounded me had to do with Winnie the Pooh.

We had a lunch buffet and many of Daddy's and Mummy's friends came along. Not forgetting our relatives. I cannot say much about the food though... I was not allowed to eat it. (Wonder who was having the party?)

The cake was good, very good...but the comment does not represent my personal thoughts... because I DID NOT GET TO EAT IT!!! But still the cake cutting and everything else was great.

Can't wait for my next birthday!

8 Months Into My Life

Well, I should have accomplished quite a lot upon reaching 8 months...
But Mummy had been so busy that she had not been diligently noting it down.
So here was what she could remember...
Listening to songs and music was what I like and still likes,
Dancing to the tune like a mud rocker,
Shaking my head from side to side,
Even till late at night, on my bed, sleeping!
Mummy, trying very hard to memorise as much rhymes and its actions but quite a lousy one she was.
Who's interested in rhyming and the actions when she had to keep looking into her books for instructions.
Trying to stand with my chubby legs but I needed a helping hand from the tables and chairs or whatever that is around.
Clapping hands and nodding heads,
Well, that was rather easy with a few practices and a broken down Mah Mah that kept repeating the same thing for hours.
Sleeping in the living room was fun.
When I woke in the mornings,
I got the freedom to roam around and play with my toys till its time to wake up snoring Daddy and tired Mummy.
Yeah! An hour of free play around the living room while listening to the rythmatic snores from my Daddy.

My Seventh Month

By now, I was able to crawl and crawled very well.
Keeping my Mummy and Daddy on their toes.
I had progressed from my Leopard Crawl to a One Legged Crawl.
Everyone was amused to see me crawling in that manner and some were rather concerned.
They feared that I may be weak on one leg and strong on the other.
Actually, if I was given the choice, I would rather start walking.
Oh, and this was the time that I encountered more bumps than usual.
Been more mobile made me realise that my head was actually rather heavy.
It took awhile to get use to the weight and balanced myself.
I was not afriad of falls, a little bump here and a little over there actually helps me to be more aware of my body.
What was important was that Mummy was always there to blow some kisses on the bumps and they magically got less painful.
Yes, less painful, the pain did not just go away with a kiss.
What did you think my Mummy was?
This was the month that both my Daddy and Mummy wanted me to be a baby model.
How vain they are!
So, off we went to the studio for a photo shoot.
It was done early in the morning and I had some complaints about it but since I am made to look good, I could swallow the complaints for now.
However, I fell back and hit my head during the shoot.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaa...The photographer laughed and insisted on taking me crying when all I need was my Mummy's kiss.
Well, with falls and bumps, I made it through this month and see what's in store the next month.

6th Month...Half a year had passed

My two lower front teeth are sprouting out.
I loved to bite even when I was drinking my milk.
Got a little scolding from Mummy,
Got a smack from Daddy.
Didn't quite dare to do it much after that.
An occasional nibble was a nice little treat for a nice cutie.

I had started to crawl but not on my knees though.
It was the Leopard Crawl to my Daddy.
Lots of practices I had crawling on the bed and on the floor.

That was my lunch.
Fish, spinach and carrots mixed into one.
Not much to choose from but that would do for now.
I know Mummy was cracking her head to give me the best.
And since Daddy had no contribution in this part of my life,
I would give my Mummy dearest a break.

5 Months Into My Life

Reaching 5 months was no mean feat,
I had learnt to turn over to my tummy.

Still a little wobbly when sitting.

Drove Daddy and Mummy nuts with my fingers in my mouth.
Sent my Mah Mah up the wall with my screams for Mummy.
Made everyone smiled when they saw me.

Cooed occasionally but preferred to cry and scream.
Loved my toys,
They tasted good and yummy.
Disliked water but was forced to take as I was constipated.
Apple and prune juice,
I took but you should see my expression.
Rice cereal with apple puree,
I took for breakfast and love it so.
Finished one bowl,
That's what I am capable of.
Went on a holiday to Bali with Daddy, Mummy, Ah Mah and Gu Gu.

Enjoyed the swimming,
Even though I was awoken as early as seven in the morning.

Loved the way people showered their attention upon me everywhere I went.

My Fourth Month

By my 4th month,
Things were getting better.
I have vision like an adult,
Everything I see I'll grab.
In my mouth they would go.
I've tried all my fingers
And they tasted just right.
I was giving my toes a go too.
It's kind of difficult
Cos' I would have to pull my feet towards my mouth.
Yet I was able to do so
Cos' my toes tasted just as good.
I had learnt to smile and chuckle.
It seemed to tickle Daddy and Mummy
So more of it they would get.
I was learning to sit but not on my own.
Daddy's good at training me to do so with cushion all around me.
I knew how to flip on my tummy
An expert I was in doing it.
Driving Mummy crazy
Cos' I didn't know how to flip back onto my back.
She had to be there to help me do so.
But before long, I was on my tummy yet again.
I love to be read toIf only I can do so myself.
But I was glad that Mummy's an avid reader.
As for Daddy, he needed a little push.
Yet I love them both very much


I would suck my thumb back to sleep when I wake in the middle of it. Didn't want to make Mummy come running to pat me back to sleep again. She was busy watching her Taiwanese Idol Serials.

Hoping that I'll be able to sleep better,
Mummy and Daddy decided to give me the pacifier.
To make them feel better I took it but not for very long.
Didn't like the rubber taste, not one bit like my thumb!

I had found my feet and learnt that toes grow at the end of them. Sucking my toes is one feat that tickled everyone and some said that it was time for Mummy to bear another baby. Well, I don't think so... I want Daddy's and Mummy's full attention for as long as possible.
Here I am, on my way to have a bathe. What's that I have on my head?
Well, that is my Cheeky Mummy who left my shirt hanging off my head! Looks kind of cute though.
These are some of the expressions that I've mastered and I know you must be saying,"So cute....!" Thank you very much.
I am learning to read by myself but its kind of difficult but Mummy's there to teach me.
I like to flip on to my tummy, the world seems different from this angle. However, it would be even better if I know how to flip back onto my back when I'm tired. Will try and master that soon.