Thursday, 1 May 2008

Wild Wild Wet - 1 May 2008

I went to Wild Wild Wet to play in the swimming pool. My spelling and Chinese spelling were all correct so my father rewarded me.

There were playgrounds in the swimming pool. I went on the slides and it was fun. When I was on the slides with my father, my little sister was walking in the pool with my mother.

Together with my father, we went to the big slide, Ular-lah. We got to sit on a big float to slide down. I went on it twice because it was fun.

Then, all of us went to the wave pool. I sat on a small float and went up and down on the waves.

I went to ride on the Sky Rider with my mother. was very fun because I could see the whole place!

At the end, we ate KFC and pizza before we went home.

(blogged by Ashlyn, assisted by Mummy)