Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Konyaku Making - 12 March 2008

We made Konyaku jelly.

First, I read the instructions on how to make the jelly.

I filled a cup of water.

I poured the water into a pot to boil it.

I poured the Konyaku powder into the pot of water.

I stirred and stirred until the powder dissolved.

I cleaned the mould until it was dry.

I put all the pieces of grapes into the mould.

I poured the Konyaku mixture into the moulds.

We put all the moulds into the refridgerator.
We ate the jelly after dinner for dessert.
It was delicious, yum yum!

Making Jelly - 11 March 2008

I made jelly and it was very very fun.

I filled a cup of plain water.

I poured jelly powder into

another cup of hot water.

I stirred and stirred until the jelly powder dissolved.

After that, I poured cool plain water into the mixture.

I poured the mixture into the hello kitty mould. Then we put the mould into the fridge.

In the evening, we took it out of the fridge but we could not take the jelly out of the mould. When we did take it out, it was all squashed up. When I ate it, it was very very nice.

edited to add: Blogged by Ashlyn with some help from Mummy