Tuesday, 8 June 2010











(written by Ash, corrected by 'half past six' Mummy... those in italics are my corrected version)

Sunday, 6 June 2010







(written by Ash, corrected by 'half past six' Mummy)

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Saturday, 30 January 2010

An Accident At The Jetty

Patrick is a boy who loved to catch crabs. On Sundays, Patrick and his dad would usually catch some crabs for dinner. Sometimes, they would have salmon and codfish too.

One day, they went to the jetty to catch some crabs. They set up the traps for ten minutes. Two other people were trying to catch crabs too! Finally, they finished setting up the traps.

They tossed the traps into the water. Patrick ran around dancing and singing. He was as happy as a lark! They waited for one hour and pulled out a trap. Sure enough, there was a crab waiting for them. They waited another hour and pulled out the second trap. In the second trap, there was a crab too!

Patrick was very happy. He liked the crab in the first trap. He pointed at it and his finger was very near to the crab's pinchers. Suddenly, the crab pinched him. He screamed! He screamed so loudly that people driving on the road could hear him. Everyone was shocked!

Patrick's dad washed his wound with plain drinking water. After that, his dad put some medicine on it and put a plaster on his wound. Patrick felt better.

Patrick did not want to catch crabs ever again. His dad also did not want to catch crabs again. They learned a valuable lesson. Then learned not to point directly at crabs and also not to go too near to them.

(Written by Ash, typed by Mummy)

Saturday, 10 October 2009

A Day Out With My Mother

One sunny Saturday morning, my mother and I went to the wet market. We talked a lot. We joked a lot too. We went into the wet market and went to the fresh fish stall.

The smell of fish made me want to vomit. We bought fishes for the next few weeks. We bought salmon, catfish and codfish.

Next, we went to the greengrocer. Mother bought carrots, brinjas, sweet potatoes and cabbage. I was waiting at the side when the cashier said it cost on hundred dollars for the vegetables. I was shocked.

Afer that. we went to the hawker center. We ate breafast. I ate buns and drank soy milk. Mother ate laksa and drank coffee. It was fun goin to buy things with mother at the wet market.

(Corrected spelling mistakes. There are a few grammar mistakes too but Mummy left it unedited here.)

Friday, 5 December 2008

If I was a bird

If I was a bird , I would be a mockingbird. The colour of my feathers would be black and white. I could sing and say "thaak".

My nest would be on a tall tree. I could see other birds making their nests.

When I am really hungry I would find a nice patch of soil and I would peck around the soil to find worms. Other than worms, I would also eat raisins and seeds.

One day,I saw some delicious food in a cage. I flew into the cage when no one was looking and ate all that I could.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Samantha the Superhero

My name is Samantha. I live in Hougang. I have invisible power that makes me invisible and fire power. that will make fireballs.

One day, I saw a man robbing an old woman of her money. I threw a fireball at him to make him return the money back. he did not so I threw another fireball at him. After throwing the second fireball, the bad man returned the money back to the old woman and she said thank you to me.

With my invisible power, I make myself invisible and without the bad person knowing, I will catch him and bring him to the police station. With my fire power, I will chase the bad person with a fireball to scare him away.

(Written by Ahslyn, typed by Mummy)

Friday, 7 November 2008


My name is Ashlyn Tan. I am six years old. My birthday falls on fourteenth December.

I go to St.Margaret's Primary School. My class is Primary 1 Joy. My classmates are kind to me because I treat them kindly too.

I live in Anchorvale Link at Sengkang. Around my block,there are two coffee shops, one playground and a shelter to sit and rest.

There are four members in my family. They are my mum, dad, baby sister and me. They treat me well by giving me things that I want.

My favourite fruit is the rock melon. It is sweet and tasty.

I like to read story books, such as mystery books. I read many books in this year such as " The Abbey Mysterys"," The Rainbow Magic books" and "The Rosa Farm'.

On the weekends I usually go for my classes and we'll go shopping. My classes are Swimming,Piano,Violin and Akido. Sometimes we'll go to the zoo instead of going shopping.