Saturday, 10 October 2009

A Day Out With My Mother

One sunny Saturday morning, my mother and I went to the wet market. We talked a lot. We joked a lot too. We went into the wet market and went to the fresh fish stall.

The smell of fish made me want to vomit. We bought fishes for the next few weeks. We bought salmon, catfish and codfish.

Next, we went to the greengrocer. Mother bought carrots, brinjas, sweet potatoes and cabbage. I was waiting at the side when the cashier said it cost on hundred dollars for the vegetables. I was shocked.

Afer that. we went to the hawker center. We ate breafast. I ate buns and drank soy milk. Mother ate laksa and drank coffee. It was fun goin to buy things with mother at the wet market.

(Corrected spelling mistakes. There are a few grammar mistakes too but Mummy left it unedited here.)

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