Saturday, 30 January 2010

An Accident At The Jetty

Patrick is a boy who loved to catch crabs. On Sundays, Patrick and his dad would usually catch some crabs for dinner. Sometimes, they would have salmon and codfish too.

One day, they went to the jetty to catch some crabs. They set up the traps for ten minutes. Two other people were trying to catch crabs too! Finally, they finished setting up the traps.

They tossed the traps into the water. Patrick ran around dancing and singing. He was as happy as a lark! They waited for one hour and pulled out a trap. Sure enough, there was a crab waiting for them. They waited another hour and pulled out the second trap. In the second trap, there was a crab too!

Patrick was very happy. He liked the crab in the first trap. He pointed at it and his finger was very near to the crab's pinchers. Suddenly, the crab pinched him. He screamed! He screamed so loudly that people driving on the road could hear him. Everyone was shocked!

Patrick's dad washed his wound with plain drinking water. After that, his dad put some medicine on it and put a plaster on his wound. Patrick felt better.

Patrick did not want to catch crabs ever again. His dad also did not want to catch crabs again. They learned a valuable lesson. Then learned not to point directly at crabs and also not to go too near to them.

(Written by Ash, typed by Mummy)

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